Mastery through craftsmanship

We are BannerBazen.

A long story short; as veterans in the Dutch Online Media scene, we pour our hearts into our creations every day. Delivering smooth animations and fresh design that makes your brand stand out online. Period.

San Accent '21 De Unlimiteds
DIA Award '21 De Unlimiteds
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What we do.

We’re a creative crew that’s all about that concept-to-real deal. We’re smashing it in the RichMedia game and we’ve got your regular IAB sets covered. Plus, we’re whipping up some dope Social Vids and Ads to get your brand out there on Snapchat and TikTok;) We keep tight connection, so we’re all about that quick and efficient grind.


For whom we do it.

We team up with media- and adagencies. Sometimes, we also work directly with cool brands. Feel free to be our next satisfied client and drop us a line.

How we do it.

Based out of the WestIndisch house on Haarlemmerstraat (Herenmarkt red.), and rockin’ multiple home lab setups, we’re a squad of specialized craft enthusiasts. We got design wizards, passionate code geeks, and creative video editors in the mix. We never miss a beat, jump through hoops like pro’s, always one step ahead, and we pay attention to your details. Give us a shout to join forces and wow your clients with high-quality online campaigns.

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