Introduction campaign ET7

NIO Netherlands.

The Chinese electric car manufacturer made its debut on the Dutch market by the end of 2022, and BannerBazen immediately handled the launch campaign for the flagship model, the ET7.

type Awareness, Consideration
client Nio Netherlands
deliverables IAB, Rich Media, Social, DOOH
date Nov 2022
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Because new technology and a strong design DNA are highly valued at NIO, the partnership proves to be a perfect match right away. In addition to the Awareness formats, the interactive banners for the Consideration phase stand out, allowing users to explore the various USPs of the ET7 through cleverly designed navigation.

NIO’s Leap into Europe.

In an era where sustainability and innovation take center stage, NIO set its sights on Europe. Their vision? Deliver world-class electric cars grounded in three core values: pioneering technology, design, and service. For this ambitious leap into a new market, NIO enlisted BannerBazen to create a fitting launch.

NIO’s Goals:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Gain consumer trust
  • Cultivate a community


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Social Video’s.

Our specialists edited existing videos to suit various social media platforms. The length, format, and content of the videos were adjusted to meet the specs of each channel. The end result? A successful, appealing NIO presence on various social platforms, resulting in a substantial rise in brand recognition and engagement with new Dutch customers.

Food for Thought.

We made clever use of the ET7’s high-quality photography to craft banners designed for the Consideration phase. These banners featured an intuitive navigation system, allowing viewers to easily explore the ET7’s sleek interior. This combination resulted in a premium experience that effectively heightened interest from potential ET7 buyers.

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NIO Carrousel Ad.

For NIO’s social campaign, we utilized an image carousel to introduce users to the ET7. With each swipe through the carousel, users journey through a curated selection of images. This approach isn’t just interactive; it also holds the viewer’s interest, enticing them to discover more about the ET7. As a result, we’ve seen heightened engagement and a strong visual introduction to NIO as a brand.

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Digital Out Of Home.

We modified the existing TV commercial to be compatible with the various DOOH networks throughout the Netherlands.