Launch campaign


T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 joined forces on September 5, 2023, adopting the new identity Odido. BannerBazen stepped up to the plate, tasked with translating the existing Motion Design into Display and Social Advertising to help shape Odido's online identity.

client Odido Nederland
date 2023
type Branding, Activation, Performance
deliverables IAB, Rich Media, Social Video
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We like a challenge

A completely new brand was secretly crafted for months, involving TBWA/NEBOKO, Code d’Azur, Think Yellow, Day, Entopic, and VIM Group. T-Mobile Netherlands enlisted BannerBazen to help translate the developed Motion Style into Display and Social Advertising.

Several strong visual elements played a pivotal role, including the use of an ambigram as the signature logo. Additionally, the gradient backgrounds, known as Glows, were crucial in the fresh new visual identity. BannerBazen adapted the Glows so that the envisioned design rules could be applied across all the different small IAB canvases with just one click.

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See, think, do, care, build, activate, performance

Tijdens de Activate fase van de campagne hebben we indrukwekkende display banners gecreëerd, speciaal ontworpen voor de B2B-markt van Odido.


  • IAB banners
  • Social stills
  • APTO’s

HighEnd performance Display Banners

When it came to crafting the performance phase of Odido’s launch, we had a crystal-clear mission: deliver maximum impact and conversions. We channeled our design elements and know-how into a set of sharp HTML5 banners that instantly captivate and move devices.

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