Odido Netherlands


At the start of 2024, BannerBazen handled the online extension of Odido's Haastmakers campaign. From IAB banners and RichMedia Swipecubes to Digital Out Of Home and Homepage Takeovers, delivering results that speak for themselves.

Client Odido Nederland
Date 2024
Type Branding, Activation, Performance
Deliverables IAB, Rich Media, Social Video, DOOH
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Discounts that demand attention.

BannerBazen rolled out a killer online campaign for Odido, luring in customers with major discounts on mobile plans, home internet packages, and hot devices like iPhones and Samsungs.

For the IAB banners in this campaign, we got creative with interactivity to boost engagement. The different devices move when you hover over them, and we cleverly hid the always-long legal lines behind an info button tucked away neatly in the corner of the banner.

Shareable Shorts.

The success of the Haastmakers campaign was further amplified by creating shareable shorts strategically deployed on major social platforms. At BannerBazen, we seamlessly translated the core message and visual style of the campaign into catchy and shareable shorts. These videos not only grabbed the audience’s attention but also achieved impressive engagement rates. Our expertise helped make the Odido Haastmakers campaign a hit.


Weborama honored us with the title of Creation of the Month for our playful Swipecube. The advantage of a swipecube is the use of multiple slides, allowing you to showcase several propositions in relatively little space. In this case, we used the ‘coverflow’ variant of the Weborama templates, featuring the distinctive animation of sliding cards.

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The numbers don’t lie.

Thanks to Homepage Takeovers and BannerBazen, Odido Haastmakers dominated the Dutch Internet with vibrant colors and subtle interactive elements, leading to an impressive CTR, surpassing the more than 170 other RichMedia creations within Weborama’s platform in January.

Automated Page Takeovers.

The big advantage of the APTO is that with one creation, you can serve hundreds of websites, and the creations for the Odido Haastmakers campaign were perfect for this.
This approach aligns with BannerBazen’s style, highlighting creativity, technical knowhow, and the impact of RichMedia. Check out a live example!


For the Digital_Out_Of_Home Ads creatives of this campaign, we translated the designs into Responsive HTML, ensuring any format was possible. To underline the urgency of the campaign’s duration, we developed a dynamic countdown where the flying Haastmakers showed viewers how many days were left in the campaign.