Striking Advertising with Impact

Rich Media.

Picture this: interactive, full-blown website domination, animations galore, video streaming, visitor data collection, social sharing frenzy, and even come with games—Rich Media creatives are impossible to ignore!




SwipeCube, Interscrollers

Rich Media mastery.

Turning our campaigns into Rich Media masterpieces feels like second nature to us. We merge our creative juices and technical wizardry to shape these powerful creations. Our Weborama-certified developers lovingly craft unique experiences that make your brand shine. From HPTOs and SwipeCubes to Interscrollers, pixel by pixel, we prove that this is in our DNA, ready to join you in creatively wowing your target audience.”


Dominate an Entire Website.

With HPTOs (Homepage Takeovers), you transform an entire website into your brand’s domain. These creations are often cross-device, appearing seamlessly on Desktop, Tablet, and your mobile. With an HPTO (Homepage Takeover), you claim a whole day on one website, while an APTO (Automated Page Takeover) lets a single creation showcase your brand across hundreds of sites. Check out the examples below to witness how we bring these displays to life.

Swipe right.

The SwipeCube is a rectangle that you can swipe left or right, allowing you to display more ads without taking up extra space. Each side can be linked to different landing pages, enabling users to be directed to various products.

BannerBazen: Rich Media Experts.

Why wait? – Let your brand shine in the fast-paced realm of RichMedia advertising. Get in touch with us today, and let’s brainstorm how to give your brand the online attention it deserves.